The Invisible Archive (TIA) is committed to creating a dialogue that investigates how ideas on performativity and embodiment complicate and inform the conventions under which performance and time-based art are made and understood. By manifesting new relationships between rigorous writing and the radical nature of time itself, the journal collects, documents, and reflects on the distinct forms of knowledge developed and acquired by artists who work with ephemeral and time-based media. TIA seeks to give testimonies to the lives and works of our artists and to collectively build an archive of artistic strategies that can expand beyond the scope of performance art studies, and into far-reaching fields of political and socio-cultural production.

TIA features two growing volumes - Vol. LA and Vol. Berlin - with each continuing issues that collect artist’s practices in and outside of these cities. Each issue is a collaboration with a different author who writes about one artist of their choice in the form of a conversation transcript paired with an essay.